Speed up Google Index – 2018

There is a question from one of my friends in the blog The Rapid Post International who asked how to make a blog quickly in the index google or Speed up Google Index – 2018. this question makes me want to write an article on this How to Speed up Google Index – 2018.


Actually if you do not block the robot bot for the crawling process your blog will automatically be indexed by itself but may be a bit long because google bot does not have the exact address of your blog, now to speed up the indexing, Speed up Google Index .You have to prepare some things you have to do manually . but first please login to Google Search Console first.

If you are already logged into your Google Search Console account the next step you optimize your blog or website first in the on-page seo strategy. if you already understand what I mean the following actions you should do to speed up google index.

How to speed up Google’s Index

1. Sending Sitemap

Please send an xml sitemap to the webmaster located in the Crawl > Sitemap. for you wordpress users you have to install google sitemaps xml plugin first then the settings how sitemap you should be in the index, you must be careful to check on the menu to be published in the sitemap, if you are wrong setting then the result will lead to duplicate content this is very hated by webmaster.

For blogspot users your sitemap xml format already provided but for you custom domain users or TLD that you hosted on blogspot facility xml sitemap is not there instead of sitemap xml you can use feed feed normally written like this

Below example Blogspot User :


also wordpress user can use a plugin like Yoast, all in one seo, jetpack, google sitemap etc sitemap plugin.

2. Submit an article URL

For the second step to turn off your article can be indexed by Search Console is send a url or link to the webmaster for the step go to Crawl> Fetch As Google. in this webmaster page you are told to send the url one by one. taken as google there are several crawling versions of web crawling, Xhtml / Wml, cHtml and Smartphones. please send all indexes for the crawling process google will be easier this thing to give information to robots crawling about the existence of your site.

3. Setting Robot txt

The last thing you should take is setting txt robot, please setting your txt robot or leave it as defult if you are still confused. this step will give the google bot command to index which pages should he crawling and which page he should change crawling (crawling limits).

If you have done to the above three steps please you wait 1 X 24 hours. then the crawling process of google bot will work. to check it you can write on google search with query site: then it can be sure your blog will be indexed by google.

The steps above is a step that I often use when I have a new blog, and the results are within 1X24 hours of my new blog index by google, Speed up Google Index . well for next what should you do? of course update blog articles regularly so google bot often touched your blog, and understand how do google megindex your article, this is the method that I often use, hopefully this article help you so that index google process quickly.


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