How to Maintain Relationships to Always Be Harmony

How to Maintain Relationships to Always Be Harmony : Knowledge of how to maintain your relationship to be harmonious is very important because many feel that the relationship is getting tedious. Even the newly married can experience it. Maybe initially it will feel nice, you can spend every moment with him or even small things. But over time you will experience loss of passion or conversation. You can thirsty get through roller coaster relationships.

Maintain Relationships to Always Be Harmony
Do you know the relationship is like a military where you have to have a good strategy, a hard effort to be the best in the relationship. Maintaining a relationship is not easy, like turning your palm. Understanding how to maintain relationships requires sacrifice and maturity from each partner. Therefore I will share how to keep your relationship in harmony. Here are the 10 points About this Topic.

  1. Respect each other

  2. Maintain communication

  3. Make effective routine activities

  4. Subtle criticism

  5. Hurry up in forgivenes

  6. Listen and also understand the words of your spouse

  7. Joke with your partner as often as possible

  8.  Praise the couple often

  9. Worship together

  10. Be honest. Do not make yourself lose confidence



 1»   Respect each other


Respect each other


Mutual respect is the main thing in harmonizing relationships. Respect means assuming the couple has a high position in our hearts after God and Parents. We can be said to respect if we obey him (in good terms). It doesn’t matter if you are older or younger than your partner. Keeping a good name and dignified partner is one way to respect one another.

 2»  Maintain communication


Maintain communication


Having a good relationship is based on effective communication, trying to listen to each other’s words, sharing positive and negative feelings to maintain an honest and open relationship. You can also do small things like giving news to your partner at busy times even if only once the news will make your partner think that we always leave it and don’t want to worry you.


3»  Make effective routine activities


Make effective routine activities


Memorable routine activities can help you keep the relationship in harmony. You can arrange activities such as a kiss on the forehead as a kiss goodbye before work, breakfast in bed on a holiday day with a little joke when eating together, take a walk after dinner on Saturdays and others. Things like this over time will make it like glue in relationships so that your relationship becomes harmonious.


4»  Subtle criticism


Subtle criticism


Criticizing your partner will only make him upset and angry. Who likes criticism? Yes, it might be good to criticize your partner so that a criticism can make him aware, but not much can make subtle criticism seem to disfigure a partner, right? If indeed it is appropriate to be criticized at that time make sure to do it in a good and smooth way. And don’t try to criticize it often, it will make your partner feel always wrong:


5»  Hurry up in forgiveness


Hurry up in forgiveness


If your partner is guilty and has apologized, we must forgive quickly. If you have a long-term relationship, there will always be things you can do to hurt each other. Whether intentional or not, if you don’t forgive and let it go, you will forever carry hatred. If we delay forgiving it will make the atmosphere uncomfortable for both of you. Is it hard to forgive quickly? This is where we are taught will we prefer our anger or our relationship. how to establish a harmonious relationship, you must forgive. Not just just saying, “It’s okay.” But you have to really let go of whatever anger you endure, forgive with all your heart, and start every day with a beautiful atmosphere, even if it is very difficult to do. Think well.


6»  Listen and also understand the words of your spouse


Listen and also understand the words of your spouse


If you see a moody partner try to approach and persuade him to tell what makes him sad it will make your partner feel you are so caring about him. If yes, I’m telling you, try not only to listen to it, but understand too so that we can provide a good solution for your partner. Couples who understand each other will create a harmonious relationship.


7»   Joke with your partner as often as possible


Joke with your partner as often as possible


If you want your relationship to be always harmonious this is a surefire tip. Joking will turn on the saturated atmosphere so that the couple will not feel bored. spending lots of time talking fun and fun and laughing together is simple but it feels very special. This trick can also be used when the couple is sulking. For a laugh, maybe this kind of action can make your partner become less cranky. But you have to know the jokes that your partner doesn’t like. That is joking with mocking the couple. Although the tone of voice sounds like a joke along with laughter but know if we are ridiculed even though it’s joking, everyone won’t like it.


8»   Praise the couple often


Praise the couple often


Giving praise to a partner is the most favored partner. Don’t hesitate to share your compliments with your partner. Praise will make your partner’s feelings become flowery. Praising will also make your partner feel valued by his partner and feel he managed to make his partner happy with what he did. By praising each other, each partner will feel creating a separate achievement for their partner. You can give praise to the results of cooking your wife, praise the husband if he managed to repair damaged household appliances, or even a small compliment is your partner’s limbs. For example, praising the sharp nose, beautiful eyes, beautiful face or handsome and others.


9»   Worship together


Worship together


If you want to keep the relationship humorous, involve God. That way, good will always be present in your relationship. Involve the Owner of the Heart so that our hearts will not turn away from the partner.


10»   Be honest. Do not make yourself lose confidence


Be honest. Do not make yourself lose confidence


To build a trust you must be honest. Usually people say a small lie to please a partner or to avoid a fight for a couple who are lazy to argue with their partner. A small lie as an alternative to speed up a fight. But have you ever thought that if your spouse finds out your partner, instead of speeding up the fight, it will make the argument very big. And if we always lie on a small scale it will become a habit and can even make us lie on a large scale, be careful !.

Who is responsible for creating a harmonious relationship? Does the work of the husband behave well and care for his wife, or is the woman’s job to forgive and be compassionate with her husband? Yes, both partners are equally responsible. The best relationship requires dedication and commitment from both partners. The more you focus on achieving the goal of harmonizing relationships, the better your emotional relationship will be. It is also important to note that the results are not always instant.

Your relationship will not change overnight just because you make a personal commitment to treat your partner better. You know that you have made change for the better, but it takes time for your partner to see your commitment to action. Remember Five of One Rules means five positive interactions are needed to remove the effects of one negative thing. So think carefully not to hurt your partner. That way your relationship will always be harmonious